Our Story

We seek to create elegant timeless homewares that are works of art as well as practical products for your home.

Wild Wares’ products are designed by the creative duo internationally award winning artist, Nafisa and illustrator, Imogen Taylor.

Nafisa is one of Australia’s most awarded artists – having won the Archibald Packer’s prize, the Gold Medal for Painting from the Florence Biennale and she has been a finalist in every major art prize in Australia. Her works are in numerous corporate and private collections around the globe.

Wild Wares has come about through our shared passion for our planet’s dwindling wildlife and our determination to help save it. We plant trees for our koalas and donate 20% of our profits to wildlife conservation through our not-for-profit Animal Works International.

Animal Works raises funds for physical resources such as land, anti-poaching gear, research equipment, veterinary supplies and educational tools for various conservation projects around the world, including here in Australia. 

Our first products are Laser Engraved Cutting Boards and Grazing Platters – that laboratory tests have shown to be naturally and permanently antibacterial. They are made from the invasive camphor laurel (yes, we’re removing trees that shouldn’t be here as well as planting ones that should). Find out more.


How did it all start?

In November 2019 Australia was struck by one of the worst fire seasons on record. So many of us were affected by the bush fires, not necessarily physically, but certainly emotionally. Sitting on the sofa in tears as we watched a koala being rescued by a lady from a burning tree we knew we had to act.

For many years we have both supported wildlife conservation through the sales of our artworks and children’s books but now we wanted to do more. We wanted to create an Australian made brand that would celebrate this wonderful unique country and would help save its threatened wildlife.

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