Antibacterial Chopping Boards

Made of camphor laurel (an invasive species in Australia) each board is . . .

• Naturally and Permanently antibacterial

• Made from one solid slab of timber – no glues, no joins, no chemicals

• Preferred by Food Standards Australia & New Zealand

• Safe to send overseas as dry kiln heat treated

• Environmentally friendly

• Ethically sourced

• 100% Australian made and owned

• Each board is unique in colour, grain & character

• 20% of the profits goes to wildlife conservation projects


Laboratory tested for hygiene, camphor laurel timber was found to contain natural anti-microbial chemicals (also known to occur naturally in edible products) making it the most effective food preparation surface with regard to reducing microbial growth.

Wild Wares chopping boards have been extensively tested by a NATA approved laboratory for the four most common food viruses (E coli, Salmonella, Staph and Listeria).

The tests carried out on Wild Wares’ boards showed that bacteria were unable to survive after just a short time on the boards.

The table below shows the test results. The timber for our boards used domestically and commercially for the past 7-10 years showed ZERO bacteria growth.


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