Environmental Impact

Our Boards Save Australian Ecosystems

The camphor laurel species is a declared environmental weed and has an ecologically harmful effect on natural ecosystems within the Australian landscape.

It is causing particularly problems to our natural habitat in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, where the timber for our boards is sourced.

There are Government programmes in place that encourage the removal of these invasive trees from sensitive environments and their utilisation by enterprises to support local economies.

Our boards support the local Australian economy and save Australian ecosystems


But they do more than that . . .

Saving Koalas and Other Wildlife

We plant trees for our koalas who have not only had their homes destroyed by Australia’s recent bushfires, but have suffered for years due to drought and excessive tree-clearing for human houses. Sadly, they are on track to be extinct as early as 2050 – this is not a future we want to see for our koalas so we are determined to help save them by replanting the trees they need to survive and thrive.

Having run a wildlife charity for years, raising over $400,000 for wildlife all around the world, we will continue to raise much needed funds for wildlife conservation by donating 20% of our profits through our charity Animal Works International.

Animal Works uses its funds to buy physical resources such as land, anti-poaching gear, research equipment, veterinary supplies and educational tools for various conservation projects around the world, including here in Australia.