Australia Chopping Board


Australia map shaped camphor laurel chopping board.

No two chopping boards are the same as no two pieces of timber are the same, meaning each chopping board is unique. No one will have exactly the same board as you 🙂


Our cutting boards are limited edition artisan products. We only ever have a small number in stock. Usually that’s not a problem as you can still purchase not-in-stock engravings on backorder and we can get them out to you within a couple of weeks. However, at the moment due to Covid 19 restrictions this is not possible – sorry 🙁  We hope to be back to normal within a few weeks, in the meantime we hope you can find a board we have in stock that makes you happy.

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Australia shaped camphor laurel chopping board. An ideal gift for an animal lover or as a souvenir of your holiday.

Our artisan laser engraved cutting boards are made from one piece of timber making them strong, durable and free from glue contamination. The timber we use is camphor laurel, a naturally and permanently antibacterial wood.

Find out more about the timber we use and why it the best product to use food preparation and presentation.

Our images are designed and hand-drawn by Nafisa, one of Australia’s most awarded artists.

Product Code: AM240270
Size: 240mm x 270mm x 25mm
Timber: Camphor Laurel


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Weight0.90 kg
Dimensions27 × 24 × 2.5 cm


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